Week 1 – Visual Listening

Two interviews of my friends

1. Kath’s Course Selection for Spring 2015


2. Jeri’s Project – Fragment


Basically, they find this interview interesting.
The first friend gave me a suggestion that she wants to see something different and something she can hardly think of.
The second friend said that the whole process makes her mind clearer.

Week 2 – Towers of Power

This week I’ve found several projects in one topic I am interested in – Wireless Heartbeat monitor with digital display.
Since GSM is gradually getting out of the cellphone market, GSM still has a irreplaceable place in other areas and the heartbeat monitor projects offer a good example.
Hospital is a special situation that intensive care patients need to be taken a good care in 24/7. There will be problems like running out of electricity, network fault etc. Then GSM is a better choice in building a system in monitoring patients’ condition.

The purpose of this project is to measure the heartbeat and send the heart rate value to the remote location (can be a doctor) as SMS message.

Here is the description of the project –

GSM based heart beat monitoring and display system is a portable and a best replacement for the old model stethoscope, which is less efficient. It is a combination of a High Power LED and LDR sensor based heart rate monitor interfaced with a GSM module to transmit the heart rate of the patient to a remote location.

The functioning of this device is based on the truth that the blood circulates for every heartbeat that can be sensed by using a circuit formed by the combination of a LDR and LED. Depending upon the rate of circulation of blood the heart beat rate per minute is calculated. This calculated value is communicated to remote person through a GSM modem interfaced to it.
This can be designed to send the heartbeat in periodic intervals or on request.

The major building blocks of this project are:

Microcontroller based control unit with regulated power supply
Heart Beat Sensor
GSM Modem
LCD Display
LED Indicators
Buzzer that beeps along with heartbeat.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.29.29 PM

Week 1 – Towers of Power

I’ve found this website all about GSM based projects. All of them are small examples of GSM application but they broadened my view of GSM functions that it can be applied into so many different design areas that I’ve never thought of, like gas leakage detection, stock empty or full indicator using weight sensor, door access security system and etc.
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 2.12.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 2.11.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 2.11.43 PM
Also, this website brought fresh ideas for me. And I find out
numbers of projects are about security system like the “railway track security system”, “RFID Based Device Control and Authentication”, even “GSM based Vehicle Location Identifier” is about personal property safety. What else, Remote Control is being broad used in GSM projects, like “GSM based wireless Electronic Notice Board”, “Theft Intimation of the Vehicle Over SMS to Owner Who Can Stop the Engine Remotely”, “GSM based Railway Gate crossing control”. Another direction, in my opinion, is detection, especially using in energy detection, such as “Energy Meter status transmission using GSM”.

After searching these applications of GSM, I think it is even harder for me to think of an idea for my final projects since there is a huge amount of directions and areas when making use of GSM.